Battery Shop of New England

Who We Are

Battery Shop Of New England Inc. has been serving the industrial battery and charger needs of the New England area since 1978.  Our trained and conscientious staff has a combined total of well over 300 years of experience.  That’s Battery Shop Of New England, where experience gives you the advantage.



Services Include

* Factory Trained Technicians                                           *Mobile and in-shop repairs

* Planned Maintenance Programs                                    *Long and short term rental programs

* Mobile wash truck and disposal of waste water         *Design and install battery rooms

* On-Site battery care and safety training programs      *Fast pick up and delivery service

* On-Site battery and charger fleet inspection                *Scrap removal to EPA approved smelter

* On-Site charger repair                                                     *Extensive Parts Invento

Battery Shop’s service department has the capabilities to provide prompt professional service.  We offer planned maintenance programs,mobile wash trucks with disposal of waste material, on site battery and charger fleet inspections, on site battery & safety training, in house battery reconditioning and more.  We can help make your battery fleet a safe and efficient source of energy.


Capability 1: Two Facilities to offer prompt efficient service

Capability 2: E.P.A Approved disposal facility for spent batteries

Capability 3: Fully stocked parts inventory for quick repairs

Batteries For: Electric forklifts, pallet jacks, personnel carriers, emergency lighting, marine, auto, commercial truck batteries and complete UPS systems.